House rules innerSouls Event

Account Number: NL 73 RBRB 0706 6645 74
In the name of: innerTeacher (J. Laforce)
Citing: innerSouls Event – november 10 2019 + your full name and company name.

You have paid your participation fee by september 30 at the latest.
Your registration can only be made definitve after your payment has been added in full on the above mentioned account number.

Your attendance
B1. I arrive before 11:00 o’ clock and preferably constructed and furnished my booth. In case I realise I will be arriving late, I will call Johan at  +31 6 24 51 47 08. (Not by Text or WhatsApp).
B2. I act courteous to the other guests, colleagues, a guest location and the innerSouls employees.
B3. Our visitors, even if there is only one, are entitled to a fully furnished Event and our full attention, every single minute.
B4. If I start packing or cleaning up earlier, without consultation with or permission from the organization, I will lose my right to participate in a future innerSouls Event.
B5. After the event I leave everything tidy and I clear my own place and waste.
B6. Only in very exceptional cases will you be reimbursed for your participation fee.

Participant seats
C1. Already placed tables may not be moved without consultation with the organization of innerSouls.
C2. In case of disagreement, the organization of innerSouls decides (without consultation). This decision is binding.

You are responsible for your:
D1. (extra) materials, extension cords, special chairs, etc. that you need.
D2. consultation amount. There is no minimum or maximum.
D3. through your own insurance for:
Your own things, damage to the building, others, materials and other things. The organization of innerSouls can never be held accountable.

No exceptions will be made to the ‘house rules’.
In all cases where the house rules do not provide, the organization of innerSouls decides.

You do not use frankincense or strong fragrances without consultation with the organization of innerSouls. Open fire (candles) are not allowed by “De Belleman”.

House rules of our guest location “De Belleman”
1. It is not allowed to hang, stick or prick objects on painted or coated parts of the building. It is permitted, with adhesive tape that leaves no trace, to stick things on the walls.
2. Damage following deviation from the above mentioned rules will be charged to you by “De Belleman”.
3. The employees and organization of innerSouls can not be held accountable due to deviation from the house rules of “De Belleman”. See also (D3).
4. It is not allowed to consume your own food and drinks in the building. They are for sale at the bar.
(People with food intolerance are exempted from this rule).
5. In connection with fire regulations, there is a ban on open fire in the building. (Candles and so on).

Informative matters
Making photographs and filming is permitted, however, we ask you to make as little use as possible of your Smart Phone in the halls.

We will clean all the halls energetically before the start of the Event.


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