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What’s the intention concerning the POWERhealing.

General information (visitor and healer)
At 11:45 am there is a 45-minute POWERhealing during which you can surrender yourself to experienced healers and their healing powers. This can be both mental and physical.

Healer (participant innerSouls Event)
– You are willing to invest 45 minutes of your time to deploy your (own) healing powers for our visitors. This in cooperation with the other participating healers.
– The session takes place in the ‘Lecture room’.
– You are present in the lecture room at least 5 minutes before we start.
– During the healing session we take into account the present visitors’ personal wishes (whether or not to touch)

Receiver (visitor innerSouls Event)
– If you want to participate in the POWERhealing REGISTRATION is not required.
– You are present in the ‘Lecture room’ before 11.45 am.
– When all seats are occupied the room is FULL and you can no longer participate.
– At 11:45 am the session starts and the door closes. Access is no longer possible.
– During the POWERhealig it remains possible leave the room!
– We take into account your wish to be touched if not.

What can you find with us?
– The invitation to feel at home and to experience what it feels like to come into contact with, and to be with, a group of people whose intent is to support you on your life path without prejudice.

Why do you attent?
– You want to find people (or counselors) who help you to discover and help you heal/change what prevents you from living a happy(er) life.


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Still something unclear or questions?
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